Is Your Business Ready For GDPR?

From 25th May 2018 anyone who ‘processes’ personal customer and confidential business data (the Data Processor) on behalf of a Data ‘Controller’, will, for the first time, become responsible for what happens to the information they process, when new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force, and the Data Controller will take greater responsibility for the actions of the Data Processor. If information is leaked or stolen, or gets lost, massive penalties could be enforced upon the people who were handling that data.

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How The New d-Colour Range From Olivetti Are GDPR Compliant

Secure Your Business With An Olivetti GDPR Complaint MFP

Password Protection

High Quality output comes as standard on the d-Colour range to produce immaculate print and scan documents with ease

Military Encryption

For more bespoke offices, the d-Colour range offers comes modular in design allowing you to customise a machine to your needs

User Accounts

The d-Colour range offers Print, Scan (to folder & email) and Fax capabilities and has more in depth options to support productivity

Biometric Readers

Depending on the model, the d-Colour range can delivered at 22ppm, 28ppm, 36ppm, 45ppm and 55ppm respectively

Detailed Reports

Advanced security measures over aging machines allows for a more secure working environment when handling sensitive information

Secure Storage

Built with industry leading hardware, the d-Colour range is a more stable unit offering outstanding performance and durability

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